Nursing (English)

Course descriptions

Courses for the academic year 2018 - 2019

Nursing (English)
PeriodsCourse numberNameECTS
1,2,3,4YH-3-032 (0)Active and critical citzenship: ASK's delegate5 cr
1,2,3,4YH-3-033 (0)Active and critical citzenship: ASK's board5 cr
1,2,3,4YH-3-031 (0)Active and critical citzenship: Tutoring5 cr
1,2,3,4YH-3-034 (0)Active and critical citzenship: Other associations5 cr
1,2NS-1-010 (0)Anatomy and Physiology5 cr
2GH-3-004 (5)Projects in Working Life15 cr
1,2NS-2-002 (0)Clinical Care I: Basic Clinical Care5 cr
3,4NS-2-003 (0)Clinical Care II: Medical and Surgical Care5 cr
1,2NS-2-018 (0)Clinical Care III: Anesthesiology and Intensive Care5 cr
1NS-2-007 (0)Clinical Care IV5 cr
1,2NS-2-005 (0)Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care5 cr
1,2NS-1-014 (0)Clinical Care V: Care of Women and Children5 cr
1NS-1-021 (0)Clinical Care VII: Psychiatric Nursing5 cr
3,4NS-1-009 (0)Clinical Practice: Basic Care5 cr
2NS-3-005 (0)Clinical practice: Elective Practice15 cr
3,4NS-2-021 (0)Clinical Practice: Home Care and Optional Care15 cr
3,4NS-2-020 (0)Clinical Practice: Internal Medicine and Surgical Care15 cr
1,2NS-2-017 (0)Clinical practice: Learning and Tutoring10 cr
1,2NS-2-016 (0)Clinical practice: Psychiatric Nursing10 cr
4YH-3-050 (0)DeDiWe - Digital service development and information management in health and welfare services5 cr
2YH-3-048 (0)DeDiWe - The Citizens as Customers of digital health services5 cr
3YH-3-049 (0)DeDiWe - The digital environment in health and welfare services and its' ethics and regulations5 cr
4YH-3-052 (0)eHealth - an Introduction to Digital Health5 cr
4YH-3-053 (0)eHealth - From Idea to Implementation10 cr
3,4NS-2-009 (0)Evidence based Care5 cr
1,2,3,4SJ-4-001 (0)Basic knowledge of vaccination (2 credits)0 cr
1GH-3-001 (0)Habilitation for children and youth15 cr
3,4NS-1-005 (0)Health Care and Health Promotion5 cr
1,2AS-1-021 (0)Introduction to University Studies5 cr
1SJ-3-003 (0)Advanced care: Polyclinical Care10 cr
3,4GH-1-012 (1)Leadership and Service Design5 cr
1,2,3,4GH-4-015 (0)Medication Calculation 2018 (Pediatric)0 cr
1GH-4-004 (0)Medication Calculation, semester exam 2018 (4)0 cr
1GH-4-009 (0)Medication Calculation, semester exam 2018 (5)0 cr
2GH-4-010 (0)Medication Calculation, semester exam 2018 (6)0 cr
3GH-4-011 (0)Medication Calculation, semester exam 2019 (1)0 cr
3GH-4-012 (0)Medication Calculation, semester exam 2019 (2)0 cr
4GH-4-003 (0)Medication Calculation, semester exam 2019 (3)0 cr
1,2NS-2-001 (0)Medication administration and Patient safety5 cr
3,4NS-1-011 (0)Medicine 15 cr
1,2NS-1-012 (0)Medicine 25 cr
4YH-3-054 (0)Diversity, Inclusion and Welfare5 cr
1,2NS-2-006 (0)Nursing Ethics5 cr
1,2SP-1-099 (1)Nursing Finnish level B1, Thursday group5 cr
1,2SP-1-099 (0)Nursing Finnish level B1, Tuesday group5 cr
1,2SP-1-098 (0)Nursing Swedish5 cr
3,4SP-1-100 (0)Professional English for Nursing5 cr
1,2NS-1-035 (0)Society and Legislation5 cr
1SJ-3-002 (0)Special Subjects in Nursing5 cr
3NS-1-031 (0)Theory in Science and Research Methods10 cr
4NS-2-012 (0)Thesis Work: Part 15 cr
4NS-2-013 (0)Thesis Work: Part 25 cr
4NS-2-014 (0)Thesis Work: Part 35 cr