International Business Management (Masters Degree)

Course descriptions

Courses for the academic year 2018 - 2019

International Business Management (Masters Degree)
PeriodsCourse numberNameECTS
4MB-2-007 (0)Analyzing the Nordic Business Environment5 cr
1MB-2-001 (0)Customer Relationship and Service Management5 cr
2MB-2-022 (0)Data and analytics for Fintech5 cr
3MB-2-014 (0)Digital Marketing5 cr
3,4MB-2-015 (0)e-Business and Distribution5 cr
2MB-2-012 (0)Elective studies5 cr
2MB-2-009 (0)Establishing and developing our market position in a Nordic country5 cr
1,2MB-2-019 (0)Finance in a Management context5 cr
1,2MB-2-021 (0)Fintech for financial transactions5 cr
4MB-2-020 (0)Fintech in the past, present and future5 cr
1MB-2-006 (0)Leadership5 cr
1,2MB-2-008 (0)Planning and preparing market entry in a Nordic country5 cr
4MB-2-011 (0)Research methodology5 cr
3MB-2-016 (0)Strategic Management5 cr
3,4MB-2-010 (0)Thesis workshop5 cr