International Business

Course descriptions

Courses for the academic year 2016 - 2017

International Business
PeriodsCourse numberNameECTS
1,2AB-2-053 (0)Academic Writing 15 cr
3,4AB-2-053 (2)Academic Writing 25 cr
1,2,3,4YH-3-032 (3)Active and critical citzenship: ASK's delegate5 cr
1,2,3,4YH-3-033 (3)Active and critical citzenship: ASK's board5 cr
1,2,3,4YH-3-031 (3)Active and critical citzenship: Tutoring5 cr
1,2,3,4YH-3-034 (3)Active and critical citzenship: Other associations5 cr
1,2,3,4AB-1-001 (0)Arcada 3605 cr
1,2AB-1-005 (0)Business Mathematics and Statistics5 cr
3AB-2-038 (0)Calculating Financial Data5 cr
2YH-3-041 (1)Change Leadership5 cr
1AB-2-012 (0)Consumer behaviour5 cr
4IB-3-013 (0)Corporate Banking5 cr
3AB-2-006 (0)Destination Management5 cr
3AB-2-009 (0)Distribution and Sales Channels5 cr
2AB-2-054 (0)e-business and distribution5 cr
2AB-2-039 (0)Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs)5 cr
1AS-3-002 (0)Entrepreneurship 1 - Venture Management5 cr
2AS-3-001 (0)Entrepreneurship 2 - Venture Creation5 cr
3AS-3-003 (0)Entrepreneurship 3 - Venture Implementation5 cr
1AB-2-025 (0)Environmental Logistics5 cr
2AB-2-004 (0)Environmental Responsibility in Hospitality and Tourism5 cr
1AB-2-036 (0)Financial Accounting5 cr
3AB-2-055 (0)Financial Markets and Services5 cr
1AB-2-037 (0)Financial Statements and Taxation5 cr
1SP-3-016 (0)Finnish for Beginners I, Group A5 cr
2SP-3-010 (0)Finnish For Beginners II, Group A5 cr
3SP-3-014 (0)Finnish for Beginners III, Group A5 cr
3,4SP-1-131 (1)Finnish ABS16-35 cr
3,4SP-1-131 (2)Finnish ABS16-45 cr
3FB-3-008 (0)Graphical design10 cr
1AB-2-057 (0)Hospitality Operations Management5 cr
1,2AB-1-004 (0)Information Technology5 cr
3,4AB-1-009 (0)Intercultural Business5 cr
2IB-3-010 (0)International Business strategies of SMEs5 cr
2AB-2-026 (0)International Trade5 cr
1AB-1-006 (0)Introduction to Business Administration5 cr
4AB-1-011 (0)Introduction to Financial Management5 cr
3AB-1-008 (0)Introduction to Logistics5 cr
2AB-1-007 (0)Introduction to Marketing5 cr
4AB-1-010 (0)Introduction to the Tourism Industry in Finland5 cr
1,2AB-1-002 (0)Introduction to Academic Studies5 cr
4SP-1-172 (0)Communicative Finnish for Business5 cr
3AB-2-028 (0)Logistics Business Systems5 cr
2AB-2-040 (0)Managing Budgets and Projects5 cr
2AB-2-014 (0)Market Communication and Branding (Online Course)5 cr
1AB-2-056 (0)Marketing of Tourism and Travel5 cr
3AB-2-015 (0)Marketing Research and Analysis5 cr
2FB-3-007 (0)Media design10 cr
1,2AB-2-051 (0)Methodology5 cr
3,4AB-2-051 (2)Methodology5 cr
4YH-3-039 (0)Personal Leadership5 cr
1YH-3-039 (1)Personal Leadership5 cr
4AB-2-048 (0)Practical Training 115 cr
4AB-2-049 (0)Practical Training 215 cr
3IB-3-006 (0)Project Management in the Baltic Sea Region5 cr
1AB-2-024 (0)Purchasing and Negotiations5 cr
4IB-3-008 (0)R&D-project in Business Management in the BSR5 cr
3AB-2-029 (0)Security and Risk Management5 cr
1,2AB-2-052 (0)Seminars5 cr
3,4AB-2-052 (2)Seminars5 cr
1AB-2-013 (0)Service and Customer Relationship Management5 cr
3AB-2-016 (0)Strategic Marketing5 cr
3AB-2-035 (0)Supply Chain Management5 cr
3,4SP-1-053 (0)Swedish as mother tongue5 cr
1,2,3,4SP-1-002 (0)Swedish, intermediate level B1-B25 cr
3SP-1-004 (0)Swedish for Beginners I, Group A5 cr
4SP-1-044 (0)Swedish for Beginners II, Group A5 cr
2YH-3-040 (1)Teams and Leadership5 cr
4IB-3-011 (0)The Banking Industry5 cr
2AB-2-001 (0)Tourism in Contemporary World5 cr
4YH-3-051 (0)Transformative Teamwork10 cr
1,2AB-1-003 (0)Communications and Public Speaking5 cr
1FB-3-006 (0)Web Design10 cr
2AB-2-027 (0)Warehousing and Optimization5 cr