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Type of course


Cycle/level of course


Recommended year of study


Total number of ECTS

10 cr

Competency aims

You can apply your profession-specific knowledge
and skills when solving concrete work-life-related
problems in sports and health promotion. You can
take responsibility for a longer coaching and
development process. You relate curiously,
analytically, and critically to diverse ways of
working to achieve the set goals in an ethically
sustainable way. You can work well in multi-
professional teams. You can take responsibility
and initiative for your own work, development, and
role within your area of expertise. You start with
a development-driven way of working.

Learning outcomes

Once you have completed the study unit

You can critically read, assess, and summarize
scientific and evidence-based information and
motivate your way of working and your choices in
your work based on it. You can apply your ethical
competence in practical work. You can participate
in discussions within your area of expertise,
communicate purposefully and argue clearly for
your own views.

You can organize coaching processes for
individuals and groups. You can independently plan
a goal-oriented plan, implement, and evaluate a
holistic coaching process. You can further develop
your own, the team, team, and organization's ways
of working in a health-promoting way. You can
purposefully combine different methods (incl.
Digital solutions) to achieve the set goals.

You show respect for different individuals and
their needs. You take responsibility for your own
work and can act value-based when you work with
coaching. You develop your professional identity
and reflect on your role and your contribution in
the field of work.

Mode of Delivery

Participation in tuition

Assessment requirements

To pass the course the student should pass the
following examinations:
Examination 1 ....
Examination 2.... etc.
(examinations include written examination tests,
demonstrations and presentations, reports and
produktions, essays, and also presence at
specified occasions)

The examinations contribute to the final grade as
follows: ...


Group size

No limit

Assignments valid until

Until further notice

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