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  • Im 2005 - General studies (industrial management)
  • Ib 2001 - 2004 - Projects and seminars


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4 cr

Competency aims

The aim of the course is to expose the students to the basic import and export management system.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the students would learn about: International trade regulations, Imports and Export (I&E) regulations i.e. legal issues. Risks and rewards of trading abroad i.e. insurances etc The basics of importing (buying) goods, materials or services from other countries What involves in exporting (selling) goods or services to another country Basic import and export terminology (definitions of common import and export terms and acronyms) Taxation and paperwork.

Course contents

Importation and exportation of goods and services New export system (NES) International trade regulations (Incoterms) EU laws on imports and exports Import and Export within the EU and outside the EU Import and Export documentation Direct and indirect export Calculations of Importation and exportation taxes Logistics and distribution

Previous course names

SYNTHESIS 1 Import and Export

Recommended or required reading

Schmitthoffs export trade : the law and practice of international trade / Leo DArcy, Carole Murray, Barbara Cleave (Sweet & Maxwell, 2000) European business / Simon Mercado, Richard Welford and Kate Prescott (Prentice Hall, 2001) ICC official rules for the interpretation of trade terms. (Incoterms 2000) Course notes and handouts

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  • Lectures
  • Group work
  • Assignments
  • Presentations
  • Written report


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Emmanuel Kyere-Frempong

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