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Teaching language


Type of course


Cycle/level of course


Recommended year of study


Total number of ECTS

5 cr

Competency aims

The course deals with advanced Internet
programming. It introduces PHP as programming
tool. It teaches the students to select the
right tool for the purpose and trains them in
implementing dynamic webapps that look different
for each user.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the difference between static,
    interactive and dynamic websites
  2. Knows how to build dynamic web apps
  3. Knows how to utilize php files
  4. Knows how to read technical documentation
    about PHP and write code in PHP

Course contents

Information flow on WWW server
PHP History and development
Basic syntax
Data types
Variables and constants
HTTP POST and GET requests in PHP
Sessions and Cookies
Expressions and operators
Control structures
Classes and objects
Date and Time Related Extensions
PHP file management

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Web Development
Front-end Programming

Previous course names

Server Programming with php

Recommended or required reading

PHP Cookbook, Third Edition
by David Sklar and Adam Trachtenberg, 2014,
ISBN: 978-1-449-36375-8

Study activities

  • Lectures - 20 hours
  • Individual- and group instruction - 10 hours
  • Practical exercises - 5 hours
  • Small-group work - 5 hours
  • Individual studies - 95 hours


  • Total workload of the course: 135 hours
  • Of which autonomous studies: 135 hours
  • Of which scheduled studies: 0 hours

Mode of Delivery

Multiform education

Assessment methods

  • Essays, reports, productions and portfolio
  • Course project

Assessment requirements

All assignments projects finalized, returned and


Welander Fredrik


Welander Fredrik

Group size

No limit

Assignments valid until

12 months after course has ended

Assessment methods

  • Date will be announced later - Reports and productions
  • Date will be announced later - Other assignments

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