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Et 2001 - 2004 - Occupational therapy for adults


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1 cr

Learning outcomes

The student has knowledge of different theories in psychiatric occupational therapy and he/she is able to apply these theories in practice. The student is aware of what psychiatric diseases mean for the individual and how they influence his/her daily life. The student is able to plan an intervention for individuals with psychiatric illness. The student can work in a team with members of other professions.

Course contents

Occupational therapy in psychiatry

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic course in occupational therapy

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Recommended or required reading

Borg, B., Bruce, M.A.G. ( 1991 ). The group system: The therapeutic Activity Group in Occupational Therapy. Thorefare: Slick
Creek, J. (ed. ) (1996). Occupational Therapy and mental health. 2nd ed. New York. Churchill Livingstone.
Salo-Chydenius, S. (ym.) (1992). Toimintaterapia mielenterveystyössä. Helsinki. VAPK. Opetushallitus.
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