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Et 2001 - 2004 - Basic studies in occupational therapy


General studies

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3 cr

Learning outcomes

Task, Activity, Occupation

Course contents

What is an Activity? Flow Theory? Actvity Analysis?

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic Course in Occupational Therapy

Additional information

12.01.05 13.15-15.30 Introduction to the course
17.01.05 8.15-12.00
18.01.05 13.15-16.45
19.01.05 13.15-16.45
26.01.05 13.15-16.00
15.03.05 13.15-16.45 SEMINARIES
16.03.05 8.15-11.45 SEMINARIES

Recommended or required reading

Erlandsson. L-K. et al. 1995. Det kära men otydliga barnet. Arbetsterapeuten 8/95.
Fidler, G. Velde, B. 1999. Activities: Reality and Symbol. Slack Inc: Thorefare. ISBN 1-55642-383-7
Henriksson, R. et al. 1992. FLOW THEORY en litteraturstudie om människans utveckling genom aktivitet.
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Lamport, M-S. et al. 2001. Activity Analysis & Application. Slack Inc: Thorofare. ISBN 1-55642-487-6.
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No tests


Forslund Marina

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No limit

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Until further notice

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