Extension studies

Teaching language


Type of course


Cycle/level of course


Recommended year of study


Total number of ECTS

5 cr

Competency aims

The student shall after the completion of the course be able to: independently be able to formulate a purpose for his thesis based on a problem in a real complex environment. Have an ability to critically choose a relevant literature for his thesis, formulate a work plan for his thesis including the empirical part of his work, to critically discuss and evaluate other thesis through positive criticism, and orally be able to present his work in a short and relevant way.

Learning outcomes

The student will know how to prepare his/her degree thesis.

Course contents

- Purpose - Methods - Individual planning - Presentation

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Minimum 105 credit units

Previous course names

No previous course is compensated.

Additional information

When the course has been successfully completed a tutor for the thesis work will be appointed.

Recommended or required reading

Will be announced at the start of the course. Literature according to individual needs. Recommendations for proper literature given by instructor.

Study activities

  • Lectures - 16 hours
  • Small-group work - 25 hours
  • Individual studies - 92 hours


  • Total workload of the course: 133 hours
  • Of which autonomous studies: 133 hours
  • Of which scheduled studies: 0 hours

Mode of Delivery

Multiform education

Assessment methods

  • Demonstrations and proficiency exams
  • Essays, reports, productions and portfolio


  • Stolt Kerstin
  • Sved Ann-Christine
  • Willför Christel


Willför Christel

Home page of the course


Group size

No limit

Assignments valid until

12 months after course has ended

Assessment methods

  • Date will be announced later - Demonstrations and presentations
  • Date will be announced later - Reports and productions
  • Date will be announced later - Other assignments

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