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Im 2005 - Production technology


Professional studies

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4 cr

Competency aims

To give students the practical skills and understanding of manufacturing processes.

Learning outcomes

-To state the safety concerns in the common manufacturing processes.
-To operate a milling machine and lathe in the production of engineering components.
-To explain typical casting methods and their applications in industry.
-To write G-Code programs for the production of parts by a CNC machine.
-To explain typical welding processes and their applications in industry.
-To demonstrate an ability to use common welding equipment.
-To measure accurately using micrometers and vernier callipers.

Course contents

Milling, Casting, Turning, Measuring, G-code, Welding.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Manufacturing Processes

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Manufacturing Laboratory

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  • Lectures
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  • Project work


  • Total workload of the course: 0 hours
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No tests


Vihtonen Mathew

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whole of semester

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