You can apply for the degree certificate when all the graduation requirements are fulfilled.

Deadline fall of 2018

Please note that if you wish to participate in the graduation ceremony on the 18th of January 2019 you need to submit your application for the degree certificate on the 19th of December 2018 at 2 pm at the latest. The processing time for an application is usually 3 weeks from submitting a complete application. However, public holidays and tuition free periods (especially around Christmas and New Year) will extend the processing time. This means that students who submit their applications after November 29th 2018 will receive their degree certificates in the end of January. However, the certificate will be dated in December. Please note that no degree certificates are handed out during the graduation ceremony.

Deadline spring of 2019

If you wish to receive your degree certificate during this academic year (in the end of June 2019) the application for the degree certificate needs to be submitted on the 4th of June 2019 at 2 pm at the latest. This date is also the deadline of submission for those who wish to participate in the graduation ceremony on June 14th 2019. Please note that no degree cerificates are handed out during the graduation ceremony.

During the period 5.6-31.8.2019 no degree certificates will be processed or written. However, students can apply for the degree certificate during that time, but the degree certificate will not be ready until the end of August or beginning of September 2019.

Instructions on how to apply for the degree certificate

Application for a degree certificate should be submitted when all studies included in the degree are conducted and noted in the student registry Asta.

Application for a degree certificate includes:

  • Form for application of certificate (includes a certification from the library that the student does not have any remaining library loans or unpaid fines at Arcada).
  • Thesis. Please, note that you should submit one unbound (printed) copy of your degree/master thesis and two (2) copies of the evaluation when submitting the application for a degree certificate. Your thesis should also be uploaded to More detailed instructions of the submission can be found here under the heading "15. Submission". Please note that only one unbound copy needs to be submitted if the thesis is written by several students.
  • Form 7b ”Application to Valvira”. Please, note! This applies only to nursing students who wish to work as nurses in Finland. Valvira grants professional licenses for persons in healthcare occupations. The decision will be mailed to you by Valvira along with the bill for the application fee (40 euros). Please note that you shall not submit the appendices mentioned in the form when you are applying for your professional practice rights via Arcada. However, if you have a  Civil Service Language Proficiency Certificate or a National Certificate of Language Proficiency (skill level 3 throughout), please attach a copy of the language certificate to the Valvira application form. More information about the language requirements can be found here. An example of how to fill in the Valvira application form is found here.

The documents are to be submitted to the Study Coordinators Camilla Genberg or Yvonne Engblom at Student Affairs in C3 or to the information desk. The application cal also be mailed (not e-mailed). The documents cannot be submitted electronically

After submitting the application

After the application has been submitted, it is forwarded to the Degree Programme Director and the Head of Department for approval. After that the degree certificate still needs to be written by Student Affairs and signed by the Head of Department and the Rector. You will receive your degree certificate within approximately 3 weeks from submitting a complete application. Please, note, that public holidays and tuition free periods (especially around Christmas and New Year) will extend the processing time.

The graduation date on the degree certificates will be the date the application is approved by the Head of Department. In addition, please note, that the approval of the application is not a long process. This means that the graduation date is rarely more than two weeks from the submission of the application.

The degree certificate will be ready in approximately three weeks from submission. There are two different ways to receive the degree certificate:

1) you can either pick up the degree certificate from the information desk (you will receive an e-mail to your personal e-mail account when it is ready to be picked up)


2) get it mailed to your home address. The degree certificate is sent home as a regular letter. The student is responsible for lost or damaged degree certificates. Replacing a lost or damaged degree certificate is a fee-based service. Please note that we do not mail degree certificates to countries outside of EU. Please also note that Arcada does not use any courier services.

If you submit the application for the degree certificate during 5.6-31.8.2019 you will graduate in August 2019. This means that you will have to register as present for period 1 and 2 (autumn term) the next academic year. Please note that you, according to Kela, still are a student until you graduate. This has consequences for the income check, the study progress check and the reduction of the study loan. Please read more about it here


Content of the degree certificates

You will receive a degree certificate stating (among other things) the following information:

  • Degree programme name and occupational title
  • Specialisation (if included in your studies)
  • Extent of the studies
  • Extent of the practical training
  • Title and grade of the degree thesis
  • Information about language requirements


The AVOP questionnaire

AVOP (The national Graduand feedback questionnaire) is a joint system built up by the Universities of Applied Science and the Ministry of Education and Culture, giving the students a possibility to evaluate their studies.

Students' opinion about their education and practical training is gathered through AVOP.

The Ministry of Education and Culture uses the student feedback in evaluating education, comparing UAS and different fields of education, and in planning education. Arcada uses the received feedback in developing the education and practical training in different fields of education and degrees, and in comparing the results with other UAS.

Instructions for AVOP

You shall answer the AVOP questionnaire before you submit your application for a degree certificate. Go to and click Haka Login. Choose Arcada as your organisation. You can then log in using your Arcada username and password. You will most likely be asked to give your consent about releasing personal information. Please answer yes to that question. After that the questionnaire will open. NB! If you use Safari, the questionnaire might not open. Please choose another browser.

If Arcada does not have your Finnish personal identity number you cannot answer the questionnaire on You shall contact studentaffairs(a) for assistance.

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