The Course of Studies

Everything you need to know about your studies - in 10 quick steps.


1. Start of the Studies

Here are some things that you should, as a student, think about in the beginning of your studies.


2. Course Enrolment

The enrolment for a course begins two weeks before the start of the period and ends two weeks after the start of the period. The enrolment begins at 9 am and closes at midnight. Note that some courses may have a different enrolment period.

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3. Language Studies

The Arcada Language Centre is responsible for the language education at Arcada. We arrange courses in Swedish, Finnish and English, as well as in French and German as extension studies. Thanks to a collaboration with the Helsinki Arbis we can also offer courses in Russian.

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4. Examinations

In order for you to get your study results for a course accredited, you need to meet the examination requirements. Information about the examination requirements and the form of examination can be found in the course descriptions.

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5. Accreditation or Validation of Study Attainments

Students may apply for accreditation of:

  • studies carried out at another tertiary institution or at another institution of learning with the same standard of education
  • corresponding practical training or work experience
  • such knowledge that has been attained by informal means from working or organisational life

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6. Practical Training

All you need to know about practical training and working abroad.

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7. Studies Abroad

At Arcada we have over 90 international partner universities worldwide. Why? Well, we want to offer you a variety of great opportunities to study abroad and conducting a part of your studies overseas. Are you interested in studying abroad and getting to know new cultures? If so, contact your department's amanuensis or International Affairs in Student Services (block C3).

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8. Studies During the Summer

What do you think about earning credits during the summer? Study something else or deepen your knowledge in your own field? Arcada Summar School gives you the opportunity to continue studying during the summer. Courses run both at the campus and online.

Curious? Check out the Arcada Summer School

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9. Degree Thesis

The degree theses at Arcada consist of 15 credits of independent studies and are vocationally oriented. At Arcada many types of theses are completed.

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10. Graduation

A few different requirements have to be met for you to receive your diploma. Your thesis must have been approved, and you must have passed your work practice and mandatory courses.  

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There is a life after graduation in the Arcada alumni network. Arcada wants to keep in touch with its’ alumni. You’re welcome to join our network by registering here.

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