It has become more important for Arcada to think sustainably on a long term basis. As a part of our active work for sustainability we were granted the Green Office certification from WWF of Finland in 2011.

Green Office is a concrete environment programme which aims to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and also to decrease companies' ecological footprint through ecological efficiency. Green Office also means that organisations with the GO-certification voluntarily are working to improve the environment by doing their best for decreasing their ecological footprint and thus working for sustainable development. We are audited every third year, next time is 2.7.2020. We made it and can now with pride continue our good work.

Arcada's environment program

We are continuously striving to decrease our electricity-, heat- and paper consumption. We are also striving to remain on the current level of water consumption. In accordance to our approved certification we agreed to actively work on achieving specific goals regarding ecological effectivity with a yearly check-up.

Focus 2022

We have encouraged our staff to bike all year round and offered bike parking in the garage from November – March. We also joined the winter KM competition 1.1-28.2.2022 with a small Arcada team.

Arcada will participate in the Earth Hour event 26.3.2022, this year via the social media and on Campus. We wanted to encourage both students and staff to switch off lights during one hour as a part of the global movement and to take a concrete climate action and a part of our Green Office activity.

We will engaged our staff and students to answer the WWF’s Green Office consumer habit questionnaire. This is one way to reflect about how we can decrease our ecological footprint and promote a sustainable consumer behavior.

The solar panels are in full use during the snow free period of the year. This way Arcada continues to produce climate friendly energy. At the Big square screen you are able to follow how much our solar panels on the roof produce.

Again this year and we will take part in the KM competition External link External link 1.5-22.9.2022. Arcada participates with a team, both for students and staff.

During the year we also continued to promote different events and campaigns, for example, global sustainable goals, food waste, World Water Day, sustainable consumption and sorting waste.

Would you like to know more about Arcada's Green Office?

The Arcada Green Office team consists of Ceti Hasselman, chairman (Campus Host), Anni Wahlström and Maksim Sumin (Representatives of Arcada Studerandekår - ASK), Jörgen Wiik (CEO of Arcada Nova), Birgitta Eriksson (Planner), Faizan Asad (Project Researcher) and Hanna Donner (Communications Manager). Please direct any questions to us.

If you would like to read more about sustainability at Arcada, please check External link