It has become more important for Arcada to think sustainably on a long term basis. As a part of our active work for sustainability we were granted the Green Office certification from WWF of Finland in 2011. Green Office is a concrete environment programme which aims to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and also to decrease companies' ecological footprint through ecological efficiency. Green Office also means that organisations with the GO-certification voluntarily are working to improve the environment by doing their best for decreasing their ecological footprint and thus working for sustainable development. 

Arcada's environment program

We are continuously striving to decrease our electricity-, heat- and paper consumption. We are also striving to remain on the current level of water consumption. In accordance to our approved certification we agreed to a 5 year plan with a yearly check-up, to actively work on achieving specific goals regarding ecological effectivity.

Focus for 2019

We organized a pop-up event at Arcada to promote the Earth Hour event (30th March 2019). We wanted to encourage both students and personnel to switch off lights during one hour as a part of the global movement and to take a concrete climate action.

In March both employees and students (new for this year) answered WWF’s Green Office consumer habit questionnaire. This way we engaged our employees and students to think about decreasing our ecological footprint and promote a sustainable consumer behavior. The result will come in June.

The solar panels are in full use during the snow free period of the year. This way Arcada produces climate friendly energy.

In April we visited Nihtisilta, one of Finland’s biggest Reuse Centres. Here we had an opportunity to see how much and in what way you can reuse different products.

We have encouraged our employees and our students to use the citybikes and we are taking part in the KM competition 1.5-22.9.2019. Arcada has a team that compete.

During Arcada's recreational afternoon in June for our staff we picked up rubbish on Arabianranta to remind us about the climate change.

The Mobility Week was highlighted on 16-22.9.2019, and culminated in the international Car Free day 22.9.2019. To further promote the use of bicycles, we partnered with They had their mobile shop outside Arcada and offered bike service (service packages with different prices) for both students and staff for 2 days in October.

To be able to follow how much our solar panels on the roof produce, a solar energy link was launched on the screen at the Big square and Fazer Food & Co.

For the autumn of 2019, we plan to get new waste containers and start sorting plastic.

During the year we pay attention to various events and campaigns, eg. take the stairs campaign, food waste campaign, World Water Day, sustainable consumption and waste management.

Would you like to know more about Arcada's Green Office operations?

The Arcada Green Office team consists of Ceti Hasselman, chairman (Campus Host), Joriz Baluyot (Representative of Arcada Studerandekår - ASK), Jörgen Wiik (CEO of Arcada Nova) and Anki Åvall (Information Specialist), Ida Söderlund (Project manager) and Hanna Donner (Communications manager). We are happy to answer your questions!