We must work together to establish a safe and secure work and study environment. The Arcada main building is equipped with much technical equipment to enhance security. In the end, however, the ultimate responsibility for maintaining a high level of security lies in your hands. It is your obligation to address dangerous situations if you become aware of such. Always set a good example, and be prepared to help others when the need arises!

At risk situations

  1. Always call the general emergency number 112 or ask the Information Desk (2nd floor) to call!
  2. Say who you are and what has happened
  3. Give the address (Arcada, Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio 1) and any other specific information (e.g. the floor number), which will assist emergency services to easily locate at the site of a life threatening situation
  4. Don’t hang up until you are given permission to do so
  5. Inform others in the building as well as the Information Desk about what has happened. Meet emergency personnel.

Get acquainted with our safety guide to learn how to act in the event of fire, accident and sudden illness and other life threatening situations.