Arcadas unique and innovative learning environments are used in education as well as in our research, development and innovation activities. By combining theory with practice, both on campus as well as in the workning life, we what to give you the best foundation for your future carrier. That’s why you during you time at Arcada get to work in our simulation areas and innovation environments.

Simulation areas

Arcada's simulation areas include, among others, Arcada's patient safety and learning center in block E4, which was named the 2010-2012 Quality Management Unit by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The simulation areas include an emergency room, a delivery room and an area built to simulate a patient room in a hospital. The areas are completely equipped with simulation dolls and modern technology used in the field. In addition, there is a machine laboratory that simulates a plastics factory in miniature, where you can follow every stage of product development and design, including the manufacturing of products.

Innovation environments

Our innovation environments include, among others, Arcada's eBusiness Lab in block F3, a modern development and learning environment where students can develop and test their business ideas in a real-world setting. Digital services and products for companies are also developed here.

Arcada Oasis

As entrepreneurship is one on Arcadas fields of focus an Oasis for supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship amongst students has been created in block C3. Today the room is an oasis for creativity, innovations and new idears, and creates an inspiring environment with its bright colors and fresh interior. All students at Arcada, regarding degree programme, are giving the opportunity to study entrepreneurship.

Classroom doors are open

To make your studies easier you will find that most of the classroom doors in Arcada UAS are open. You are welcome to use the classrooms when they are not used for lectures and no booking is needed. Outside every block there is information about the current booking situation. The doors to the blocks are opened with your flex key.  Should a classroom door be locked or there is a safety issue, please contact the Info on the 2nd floor. Please note that the simulation areas, e-business lab, Oasis and D4110 can not be used outside the lectures.