Arcada’s business Oasis

At Arcada we have a clear focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. In the autumn 2012 we launched our own business oasis - Oasis. Oasis is not only closely tied to Arcada’s courses in entrepreneurship, but also fills an important function as an out-of-class meeting place. The Oasis is where students, teachers and external partners, such as alumni and already established entrepreneurs, find a common platform for nurturing their entrepreneurial spirits. Here you can get support and coaching in developing business ideas and starting your own company, advice on financing or finding a suitable mentor. Our aim is for Oasis to be a forum for the development of ideas of all kinds, both externally and internally. Our work crosses the boundaries between the traditional fields of studies at Arcada and we aim to have a continuous and close cooperation with partners from different industries.

This is where interested students turn with their questions about entrepreneurship and the doors are open to everyone. You might, for example, simply want to a find sure footing and advance within your own field of study or use Oasis to find a mentor, such as an alumnus from Arcada, who can function as a coach in a safe environment.

Entrepreneurship Coach
Mervi Hernberg
Phone: 0207 699 579
E-mail: mervi.hernberg[a]

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