If you as a student:

  • are subjected to harassment or threats
  • notice suspicious or deviant behavior at Arcada, by e-mail, social media or phone

act according to these guidelines:

  1. Document time and place of the incident
  2. Save the message/file/link/comment etc. or write down what was said to you. Do not erase the original source.
  3. Contact Head of security on 0294 282 606 or E-mail: david.sjoberg@arcada.fi. You can also contact your teacher or other personnel and ask them to contact Head of security.
  4. You can get help from Arcada if you need to report an incident to the police.

If you notice at threat towards Arcada in social media, save the text/link/image etc. and report it to the Head of communication E-mail: hanna.donner@arcada.fi, phone: 050 300 88 66 or Head of security phone: 0294 282 606 or E-mail: david.sjoberg@arcada.fi.