Arcada aims to be proactive in every field of security and safety. Every member of Arcada’s society will enhance and maintain security and safety by following the rules and regulations. Everyone has a duty to report every anomaly and accident. Arcada will react and respond to every report.


  • Arcada will ensure continuity in teaching, research and development, and administration.
  • Arcada maintains constant awareness of all the factors that may lead to interruptions in any activity.
  • Arcada’s security and safety goal is continuous improvement.
  • Arcada will be prepared to address threats and anomalies in every activity.
  • Arcada’s security and safety activities are based on risk assessments.
  • Everyone will receive sufficient introduction and training in security and safety.

Get acquainted with our safety guide to learn how to act in the event of fire, accident and sudden illness and other life threatening situations. We must work together to establish a safe and secure work and study environment. T It is your obligation to address dangerous situations if you become aware of such. Always set a good example, and be prepared to help others when the need arises!