Security instructions in cas of fire:

  • Help yourself and others in danger
  • Avoid inhailing smoke
  • Listen to and follow the instructions given through the loud speakers
  • Lead personnel, students and guest to the nearest exit
  • Do not use the elevator
  • Go to your meeting point

Call 112 and inform them about the fire

To extinguish the fire:

  • Take the fire extinguisher closest to you and put out the fire as soon as possible. Do not risk you own life or safety.
  • Do not use water on electronic equipement or liquid fires.
  • Start putting out the fire in front of it. Continue in further back, from the ground working your way up, moving the extinguisher back and forth.
  • Stop when there no longer are any visible flames.

Limit damage:

  • Close all doors and windows.
  • Remove any flamable items close to the fire.
  • Protect sensitive and important machines from water and other damage.

Guide the fire brigade:

  • Help the fire brigade find their way.
  • Assist them.